Nevada Judge Does Not Overturn Election in Trump’s Latest Complaint

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Another judge has ruled against Donald Trump’s lawsuits alleging voter fraud. The case in Carson City, Nevada District Court sought to have the Presidential Election overturned and declare he — not Joe Biden — is the victor. On Friday, Dec. 4, 2020, Judge James T. Russell declined to find in their favor due to insufficient evidence.

The judge deliberated Thursday, stating he would announce his decision on Friday. He said it would allow enough time for the Trump campaign to file an appeal before December 14, when the Electoral College meets, and the votes are finalized.

Judge Hears the Arguments

On November 3, asserted the Clark County election workers did not “address 40,000 cases of double voting and thousands of more illegal votes from the deceased or voters who do not live in Nevada,” according to the Review-Journal. Judge Russell listened to arguments from lawyers for the Trump campaign and those from the Biden campaign.

Attorney Jesse Binnall claimed Trump was the victor in the state due to the number of fraudulent ballots cast in Clark County — the majority were from Las Vegas.

NevadaThe Biden campaign argued their case failed to produce a single voter who supposedly committed a federal offense. It did not offer any other evidence to justify overturning the will of 33,496 voters.

Those voters elected Joe Biden, the 46th United States President. Nevada certified the election results on November 24, awarding the president-elect six electoral votes.

“Trump campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis said Monday certification ‘is simply a procedural step’ that would not stop the campaign’s legal challenges to the election outcome,” according to Forbes.

Even if the Trump campaign were to win an appeal in Nevada, the electoral votes would not give him the victory he needs to remain in office for four more years. In fact, he would have to convince judges in all of the contested states before Biden would be less than 270 electoral votes.

To date, the Trump campaign has lost at least 40 lawsuits in the swing states he is contesting, including today’s case in Nevada.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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