NBA Teams Respond to Trump Supporter Invasion of Capital [Video]

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Hours before the Miami Heat game against the Boston Celtic a mob loyal to President Donald Trump invaded the U.S. Capital in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021. The goal of this invasion was to delay the certifying of the Electoral College count post-presidential election. Four people died as the scene turned violent.

NBA Player Expressions

Heat center Bam Adebayo expressed his concerns and fears about being a black man in America. He elaborates that it is to the point where it is frustrating, sad, and disgusting. Adebayo continues by saying:

Imagine if a mob of black people wanted to go into the [Capitol], imagine what would happen. There would be tear gas, there would be rubber bullets, the whole nine yards.

Both NBA Team Release a Joint Statement

Both teams prior to the tip-off were in heavy conversation about what their response would be to this event. Boston was really contemplating if they would play this game but collectively decided to take the court.

The NBA Heat and the Celtics both took a knee during the national anthem. Both teams issued a joint statement before the game that read:

2021 is a new year, but some things have not changed. We play tonight’s game with a heavy heart after yesterday’s decision in Kenosha, and knowing that protesters in our nation’s capital are treated differently by political leaders depending on what side of certain issues they are on. The drastic difference between the way protesters this past spring and summer were treated and the encouragement given to today’s protesters who acted illegally just shows how much more work we have to do.

NBA Star Jimmy Butler Speakes

Everybody knows what is really going on in this world was conveyed by NBA star Jimmy Butler. The two different USA’s that we live in is truly sad. People are not being fooled anymore Butler says, and everyone sees this for what it truly is.

Adebayo in fear of being targeted has plans not to leave his hotel room except to go to the arena for the Heat’s next NBA scheduled game.

Written by Omari Jahi


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