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Marvel Comics have created a new Captain America character since Chris Evans’ contract expired after “Endgame.” As an “Endgame” re-cap —spoiler alert— Cap took the six infinity stones back in time to their rightful places.

After returning to the present time, he suddenly disappeared. Bucky Barnes noticed an older man sitting on a stump nearby and recognized that it was Captain America. He had aged 50-years and appeared to be very happy. This clearly opens the door for the unveiling of the new Captain America.

The New Captain AmericaCAPTAIN AMERICA

The new Captain America, played by Aaron Fisher, is described as a fearless teen runaway whose mission is to protect other runaways and the homeless. Marvel Comics will honor Pride Month with the release of this new LGBTQ+ super-hero.

This series will be entitled “The United States of Captain America.” Bucky, Sam, and John take to the road searching for Cap’s stolen shield as they encounter regular everyday citizens who have adopted the Captain America mantle in defending their communities.

Fisher will be the first of many Captain Americas that Steve Rogers and the team will encounter. Writer Joshua Trujillo said:

Aaron is inspired by [the] heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life. He stands for the oppressed and the forgotten. I hope his debut story resonates with readers and helps inspire the next generation of heroes.

Trujillo further expressed that Captain America fights powerful beings to save the world, but Fisher will be fighting on the street-level problems they face every day. The “Captain America of the Railways” is how Fisher will be described.

The First Gay Super Hero

CAPTAIN AMERICABack in the 1980s and the 1990s, Marvel had a “No Gays in the Marvel Universe” policy. The comic book giant placed Adult-only stickers on all comics featuring LGBTQ+ characters in lieu of conservative protests.

Marvel publisher’s first gay character was of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight called Northstar.  John Byrne created Northstar in 1979 but did not reveal his sexuality until 1992.

Evans expressed in 2018 that he would be saying goodbye to Captain America. He has played this role for the past eight years.

As a matter of fact, Disney Plus is launching a new series called “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” that will largely address the legacy of Captain America. The series will debut Friday, March 19, 2021.

Chris Evan Work After Marvel

CAPTAIN AMERICAEvans as Captain America entered his arrangement with Marvel Studios with a six-film deal starting with “The First Avenger” in 2011. The Captain America star’s contract was up in 2019 upon the conclusion of Avengers 4, but since 2018 he has been working on five additional projects from 2019 to 2021.

One is “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” where Evans plays Ari Levinson, Israel’s Mossad agents that attempt to rescue Ethiopian Jewish refugees in Sudan in 1979. He also starred in “Knives Out,” where he played Ransom Drysdale, a louche cur who is one of many suspects in his wealthy grandfather’s death.

Evans also starred in a television series called “Defending Jacob,” where he plays Andy Barber, an assistant district attorney whose world is shattered when his beloved son gets charged with murder.

The other two projects are “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Water Crisis” and “Don’t Look Up,” where he plays Peter Isherwell in a story of two low-level astronomers who must go on a giant media tour to warn humanity of an approaching comet that will destroy planet earth.

The “United States of Captain America” hits stores and airwaves June 2, Pride month on Disney.

Written by Omari Jahi


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