Author Sidney W. Johnson ‘Looking Into Mental Health Culture’

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Phalanx Family Services is currently giving training sessions for all the departments in the entire office.  As the head of Metro Health Department, Sydney Johnson said they are looking into mental health culture for their clients and their staff.

Their program started within the last six months and serves as a support system in individual counseling sessions with some clients twice a week, reports Johnson.

Phalanx Family Services already have a system in place to reach out to the youth. Its mission is to assist economically disadvantaged youth and families for self-sufficiency through employment-centered programs, mentoring, advocacy, and workforce development solutions.

They offer a holistic approach to serving both employers and job seekers throughout the metropolitan Chicago community. They have placed thousands of individuals into unsubsidized and subsidized employment through an array of resources and partnerships with dedicated and experienced staff. Their services included recruiting, training, job placement, and support services to individuals seeking employment or career advancement.

Phalanx Family Services process starts by taking individual assessments then group or individual assessments to gather the youth’s hobbies and interests. They then do a mental health assessment to determine what they need to establish goals and set time to meet once or twice a week based on their need.

Courtesy of Cathy Milne-Ware (Used With Permission)

Johnson is the author of the book “Allow Them the Opportunity to Change: An Effective Guide for Mentoring “Troubled” Youth.” It is a powerful guide for mentoring troubled youth. The proven strategies will empower you to work with young people by removing stumbling blocks that limit progress.

The book will relieve the frustration of reaching the young generation and establish meaningful relationships by engaging in honest, high-impact conversation leading to lasting change.

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Johnson attended Northern Illinois University (NIU) when he studied English and African American studies. He worked for Project Upward Bound, where he learned his inclination for working with young people. He dedicated his career to empowering the youth and received an Etiquette Foundation of Illinois’ Humanitarian Award in 2011.

For the past 18 years, Johnson worked in some of the hardened neighborhoods in Chicago, from Alba Homes, where he restored a state-funded program, to East Garfield Park, where he breathed new life in a struggling board to help keep a facility available for youth. In addition, he created a mentoring program in Roseland to help high-risk students boost their grade point average and attendance and decrease dropouts and behavioral incidents. Johnson’s passion for working with the youth enabled him to train youth workers all over the country.

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