America’s Fourth Estate Fails to Expose Corruption and Praise Joe Biden

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Some of you are aware that I spend a lot of time attacking the Fourth Estate. I have informed the American people of its failures for years. The news industry has the responsibility of exposing corruption in the government. Yet, between 2015 and 2021, they gave a free pass to Donald Trump and his administration.

Today, they fail to praise President Biden for his accomplishments, although he, like President Obama, continues to face Moscow Mitch McConnell and the “party of no.” His plan to distribute the vaccine has proven enormously successful. In addition, he passed an infrastructure repair bill in his first year, something Trump promised but did nothing for four years. He has restored our country’s status in the world but refuses to “cozy up” to Vladimir Putin or Mohammed bin Salman Al Sau, unlike his predecessor.

If we look back at the last year of Trump’s failed presidency, his plan to fight the spread of a pandemic was singular: “it will just go away.” This moronic decision resulted in more lives lost than during the Civil War, 130,000 of which are directly attributable to Trump’s inaction. Our economy was in shambles as millions of Americans lost their jobs. Both could have been prevented, or the results far less disastrous, if we had an actual leader in the White House.

The mainstream media never once reported the extent of his failures. From June of 2015 until today, they have failed to call him what he is, a habitual liar, a white supremacist, a sexual predator, an Islamophobe, a homophobe, and an anti-Semite. His diagnosis as a malignant narcissist cannot be denied, although television’s fake journalists refuse to tell the truth.

COVID-19 is coming under control in most states; however, inflation has become a problem for most Americans. I call it “price gouging.” Corporations are raising prices because they can. I remember 1971 when they did the same thing with three commodities: gasoline, sugar, and coffee. Then, like today, there was no reason for the enormous increases in their pricing; they were simply greedy.

I don’t know how many of you notice the many ways corporate America “rips off” consumers. One example is ice cream. Some of you might remember that we purchased our favorite flavor in one-half gallon quantities. Several years ago, we began paying the same price for 12 ounces. This continues with many other products.

Inflation is a problem, but not as big as the New York Times, and CNN would like you to believe. Our economy has issues, but none as destructive as the “Great Recession” of 2008 or the loss of jobs at the pandemic’s peak.

In a CNN story, the once-respected news service uses families with problems related to inflation. However, they are not only exaggerated; the stories contain blatant falsehoods. It lists prices that are far from accurate. The most egregious was the price of gasoline.

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It is true that the petroleum industry, which continues to receive subsidies they do not need or deserve, is raising prices without any justification. However, the article claimed that a gallon of gas reached $7.59 per gallon in one state. Nowhere in the United States could anyone find a price that high, except at one gas station in a small out-of-the-way rural California town, Gorda.

Our economy is beginning to boom again, resulting from President Biden’s sensible policies. Businesses have reopened, and those who want to, are working. Unemployment is low. The most significant change is those who decided to change their type of employment during the pandemic or find jobs that had better pay and better benefits. I find this encouraging. Employers have taken advantage of their workers for far too long. Greed is the primary reason that the gap in income inequality continues to widen.

The Fourth Estate is charged with reporting the facts. However, in the 21st century, they not only lie to their readers and those who watch them on television; they voice their personal opinions or roll their eyes after reporting stories they disagree with. Their job is to offer the facts and allow the reader or viewer to make their own decisions. And, yes, Karen, every corporate business can afford to pay fifteen dollars an hour and more.

For four years, America’s journalists allowed Trump to tell lies and spread his message of anger, hatred, and violence. Not once did anyone who is paid to report the facts to admit that Trump did nothing in four years and will always be known by honest Americans as the worst president in history.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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