Netflix Focused on Gaming for Day Five of Geeked Week [Video]

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Netflix dedicated the last day of Geeked Week to its new gaming offerings, along with other reveals. The company has new projects in the works from franchises such as “Castlevania” and “Dragon Age.”

Day Five: Gaming

Netflix is developing games to accompany some of its popular original programs. “Shadow and Bone,” “Too Hot to Handle,” “Money Heist,” and “Queen’s Gambit” all have spin-off games in the works. The games include a single-player RPG, a chess game, and a dating game. Netflix will also add three games from game developer Devolver Digital, which will be free for subscribers:

  • “Reigns: Three Kingdoms:” A card-based game in a Chinese setting.
  • “Terra Nil:: This is a climate-crisis strategy game.
  • “Poinpy:” Subscribers can already play this vertical climber now.

Subscribers will also be able to play released games on the platform. One of them is “Spiritfarer,” a game described by the makers as “a cozy management game about dying.” Another game called “Raji: An Ancient Epic” is an action-adventure set in India that was released in 2020. Others include “Lucky Luna,” “Desta: The Memories Between,”  and “Wild Things: Animal Adventures.”

A La Casa De Papel

This “Money Heist” single-player action game allows players to experience the life of a thief. They get to “crack safes, pick locks and help rob a casino in Monaco.”

The “Queen’s Gambit” Chess

This game will attract both fans of chess and of the Netflix series to play against the show’s characters represented by AI or real people through multiplayer. The game has built-in lessons for fans who are not so skilled in the art of chess.

Non-Gaming Announcements

“Castlevania” Spin-off

A new sequel series to Netflix’s popular “Castlevania” animated show has been revealed to be “Castlevania: Nocturne.” The show will star Richter Belmont, a descendant of characters Trevor and Sypha from the original series. He is the main character in the “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night” video game and has become a favorite among fans. A release date has yet to be announced.

“Dragon Age: Absolution”

Both this series and the new “Dragon Age” game are set in Tevinter and will have a new batch of characters. The show seems to be combining 2D and 3D elements based on the trailer. Netflix collaborated with video game company BioWare on this show coming out in December.

Courtesy of Stock Catalog (Flickr CC0)

“Sonic Prime”: Beloved Sonic characters Shadow the Hedgehog, Big the Cat, and Froggy are all revealed to be in this new Netflix animated series.

“The Cuphead Show!”: This show is based on the popular “Cuphead” video game. Season 2 returns with more characters from the game on August 19.

“Tekken: Bloodline”: The “Tekken” video game franchise will get its first television series in this new Netflix anime. The game’s creator, Katsuhiro Harada, previewed a few clips and hinted at the series looking into the relationship between Jin and Jun Kazama.

“Dota Dragon’s Blood”: Netflix released some photos for the third season.

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