Search and Rescue for Missing Twenty Migrants Among Florida Hurricane

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In the passing of another dangerous Hurricane circling the coast of Florida after being withheld in a waterboard vessel for the duration of the storm, twenty migrant people have been reported missing as the entire vessel was discovered to have sunk off the coast.

Despite the warnings against embarking anywhere by boat, the chief patrol agent at the U.S. Border Patrol’s Miami Sector Headquarters, Walter Slosar, shared: “Over the weekend, 50 migrants from #Cuba were taken into Border Patrol custody after making landfall during 3 events in the #FloridaKeys on makeshift vessels,” on a Twitter post after the incident.

Courtesy of Bernard Spragg. NZ (Flickr CC0)

About the Migrant

It was reported that four of the previously missing 20 people returned to shore in critical condition. While three of the missing ship members were rescued and promptly delivered to the hospital for symptoms of exhaustion and dehydration, 17 remaining Cubans are still unaccounted for.

The reason behind the forced housing on a boat only hours before the dangerous hurricane was the result of his agents responding to a recent migrant landing consisting of Cuban citizens making a treacherous journey across the sea to Florida shores.

Untrained and unprepared are many migrants that make their way across the ocean. They were already in dire straights as asylum seekers. The US Coast Guard intercepted hundreds of Cuban migrants trying to make it to the U.S by sea, in 2022. Many seek safety for themselves and their family from the ever-struggling Cuban economy at the hands of global inflation and the continuing war in Ukraine.

Hurricane Ian has heavily impacted Cuba, leaving much of the island without electricity and killing at least two people in the resulting storm.

Written by Brielle R. Buford


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