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Bob Iger
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Bob Iger is set to return to the position of CEO at Disney after his short break. He was Disney’s CEO for 15 years until he was succeeded by his hand-picked successor.

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That successor, Bob Chapek had to go through the pandemic and had controversies with major actors. Because of his many faults, the board lost faith in Chapek as a leader of the Disney corporation.

Thus, Iger, a much more seasoned veteran, stepped in as a replacement. Iger famously enjoyed being CEO of the Disney corporation writing a memoir of his 15 years inside a book titled “The Ride of a Lifetime.”

Bob Iger’s Run

His run as Disney CEO was absolutely incredible. He handled major acquisitions like Fox, Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar. Iger grew the company in ways previously thought impossible.

On top of all of this, it was during his reign as CEO that the Marvel Cinematic Universe flourished and blossomed into the multi-billion-dollar franchise it is today. With Iger back at the helm, Disney will be doing much better.

There will be fewer controversies, stock price improvements, and better entertainment. He had this role for 15 years, took an 11-month break, and is now back to work.

Disney’s Future

The future of Disney is looking up. New Star Wars and MCU projects are being planned and are currently releasing. Pixar has a new film coming out, and Disney has a few projects in the works. There will be better and brighter days for the Disney corporation and fans of Disney products.

The MCU has revealed a few things from phases 5 and six and fans are truly excited. The world is looking better than ever for the Disney corporation. The current layoffs and bad lower stock pricing may only be a small bump in the road in the history of Disney.

Written by Kenneth Mazerat.


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