Biden Pardons 6 Just Before the Year Ends

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Six people were pardoned by President Joe Biden on December 30 — just in time to ring in the new year. The crimes of those pardoned included drug-related and second-degree murder. All of these individuals have become active in their communities after they were released.

List of People Biden Pardon

One of the people on the list is Beverly An Ibn-Tamas, 80, who was convicted of murdering her husband when she was 33 years old. At her trial, the Ohio woman testified she shot her husband after he threatened and physically assaulted her moments prior to her killing him. The court refused to allow an expert to testify on her behalf about “battered woman syndrome.” An Ibn-Tamas was sentenced to a term of up to five years in appeals court. It was considered a significant moment in judicial recognition of battered woman syndrome.

A 66-year-old Arizona man, Gary Parks Davis, was also pardoned by President Biden. Davis plead guilty to using a phone to conduct a cocaine transaction when he was 22 years old. He spent six months in jail and completed probation in 1981. Since being released he has earned a bachelor’s degree and volunteers in his community.

Others on the List

Biden also pardoned 50-year-old Edward Lincoln De Coito III. When De Coito III was 23 he plead guilty to a marijuana trafficking charge. He spent over a year in prison and has since served in the United States Army and Army reserves.

When Vincente Ray Flores was around 19 he was court-martialed for consuming alcohol and ecstasy while serving in the military. He was sentenced to four months of confinement before participating in a return-to-duty program. Flores remains on active duty and has earned various honors from the military.

Charlie Byrnes Jackson plead guilty to an illegal whiskey transaction when he was 18 years old. Jackson completed probation in 1969. Since then he has been active in his South Carolina community including helping to renovate his church.

Biden also pardoned 72-year-old John Dix Nock III. He plead guilty to a charge related to a cannabis grow house. Nock III completed community confinement in 1997. He has since worked as a general contractor and helped to mentor younger people looking to join his profession.

Department of Justice Closely Coordinated With Biden

All of the people Biden pardoned were granted through a “deliberative process” that was coordinated closely with the Department of Justice.

By Sheena Robertson


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