Fukushima Radiation Shocking Over Americas From Chile to Oregon

Fukushima radiation still permeating the atmosphere over the Americas

Radiation Shocking Over Americas From Chile to Oregon

As reported on Rense.com, it seems the Fukushima radiation still permeating the atmosphere over the Americas – from Chile to Oregon – is reaching shocking numbers, higher than anyone is being informed. Thanks to resident ‘Greg’ on the Oregon Coast, who took his Inspector Plus Geiger counter on a trip up the coastline and measured radiation in the sky – we may see first hand what kind of radiation smog we are dealing with.

Just to give an idea, a CPM (counts per minute) reading of 100 is apparently a “MANDATORY HAZMAT Quarantine EMERGENCY in the State of California.” These readings, yesterday July 1, 2013, were off the charts ranging from 336 CPM to over 1200 CPM. “The US EPA is fully aware of this situation but does nothing to inform the flying public.”

Here are the images taken by our Oregon resident on his Geiger counter from Chile, through Atlanta to the Oregon Coast:

This reading and the below reading were taken from Chile to North America where the numbers stayed ‘reasonably low.’

Now readings while flying into Atlanta, Georgia:


Reading taken flying near Oregon:

And finally flying near the Oregon Coast:

According to the photographer “Some people were beginning to take notice of what I was doing so I refrained from taking another photograph, but I did measure 1312 CPM before losing elevation!”

These radiation readings are shockingly off the charts!  Why is the public not being informed of such levels and being asked to take precautionary measures? We cannot be sure.  This information is not meant to freak anyone out, only to pass along information for which conscious, wise action can be taken.

“Once in the body, radioactive particles cause damage by increasing production of hyper-reactive free-radicals and directly damaging DNA in a process similar to a slow burn.  Fortunately, the body has many pathways to repair itself that can be greatly assisted by proper nutrition and detoxification, and free-radicals can be neutralized by powerful anti-oxidants contained in a wide variety of plants.”

What do we do?

Radiation can affect the cells of the body creating very high levels of free radicals, damaging cells – often resulting in cancers of all types.  However, knowledge is power and the public is not helpless when provided the information with which to turn around and empower themselves through.  There are many things that can be done in order to prevent radiation poisoning and possible after effects.

First of all, knowing about these high levels can encourage people to create a strong mental resolve not to be affected by such conditions.  The power of the mind in combating illness and correcting bodily difficulties has been proven time and again.  Taking steps to affirm the body is protected, healthy and whole is a positive first move to keep free from radiation effects.

Secondly, diet and nutrition can play an important role in arming the body to stay healthy and ward off any cellular damage.  Increasing foods in the diet which contain high levels of antioxidants such as goji berries, pomegranates, blueberries, dark chocolate, reishi mushrooms, green tea, red wine and sea vegetables is a good start.  Herbs like astragalus and turkey tail mushrooms as well as wheatgrass and marine phytoplanktons can help the body remove unwanted radiation and protect against possible negative side effects of potential radiation.

Neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock and author of “Nuclear Sunrise” along with Dr. David Brownstein, a leading holistic family health practitioner have compiled a list of recommendations to reduce the effects of radiation exposure.  They suggest:

For those wishing to reduce the cumulative intake of radioactive particles, removing all dairy products from the menu should be a top priority as dairy has been shown to be a primary route for ingestion of radioactive iodine and strontium. Replacing diary with soy products is not a good idea because of the hormone disruption that non-fermented soy causes, which is especially problematic for kids (rice, almond, and coconut milk are good substitutes for soy and dairy milk).

Eating fermented soy products such as miso and tempeh products can be greatly beneficial in reducing effects of radiation on the body and are easy to prepare and store.

Consume adequate amounts of water to help the body flush toxins (divide your weight in half and that is the amount of water one should drink in ounces per day). But make sure water for drinking and cooking is pure and free of fluoride, which tends greatly enhance the damage caused by free radicals due to its cumulative toxic stress on numerous organs.

Many people eating a modern Western diet have a deficiency of potassium and an excess of sodium, which makes them more vulnerable to a variety of diseases as well as damage from radioactive cesium since it mimics potassium in the body. Seaweed is one of the best sources of potassium.  Other good sources of potassium are organic potatoes, bananas, beans, whole grains, seeds, and vegetables such as lima beans, spinach, and winter squash. Some fruits are also high in potassium such as honeydew melons, oranges, and raisins.

An estimated 40% of American people are also deficient in iodine, despite iodized table salt, which makes them more vulnerable to over 59 different diseases associated with thyroid dysfunction as well as damage from radioactive iodine.

Eating kelp, dulse and other seaweeds are preferable methods for getting adequate ‘good’ iodine in the diet.  Also recommended cleansers and detoxifiers are apple pectin – which binds to toxins and carries them out of the body (and was used in Chernobyl) and certain types of healing clay such as bentonite.  If you consume clay it is suggested to use some sort of psyllium or other strong fiber to get it out of your system.

Frankincense essential oil is also a powerful agent to keep cells healthy and remove radiation toxins from the body.  You can consume therapeutic food-grade essential oils if mixed in an oil soluble base or put into a capsule.

A combination of a positive mental attitude, visualization techniques along with a healthy diet and anti-radiation herbs and supplements can support anyone in staying free from any potentially harmful effects of radiation exposure.  It is shocking to know that our own governmental agencies would keep knowledge of the very high levels of radiation in the atmosphere looming over the Americas from Chile to Oregon and perhaps beyond.  With this information, however, the people may now empower themselves to take control of their health and prevent harmful effects.  It is most important to remember that the mind creates the way the body responds to any and all situations, so be aware and respond calmly and with authority to how your body will behave – it is not necessary to be a victim.

(This information is not intended to treat, diagnosis or cure.  Seek proper medical and health advice and/or attention for any symptoms believed to be related to any of the above subject matter.  Most importantly, get in tune with your own intuition and behave wisely and accordingly.)


Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Rense.com; Preparedness and Emergency Response; Two Rivers Tribune

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  1. It took the Russians only a few months to contain the Chernyobal disaster which was a level 7. It didn’t reach a global scale, because of the excellent leadership. Why isn’t the Japanese able to contain it yet after 3 years. All the solution and technology is right there to contain this in a few months. The reason might be the Japanese leadership is weak & the Russians had better government management & more workers. If only other top governments provide there leadership & scientific experts, even if they have to do it by force with the U.N.’s permission, since this is reaching a global scale, to work on this together it can be completely entoumbed in a few months according to Micho Kaku a leading Japanese American nuclear expert.

  2. Yea great, I’m sure if we just smile, the radiation won’t affect us……
    Our government is guilty of manslaughter.

  3. Thank you for writing this, we have seen high radiation readings on planes before. There is less atmosphere high up in a plane so solar radiation is higher but 1300cpm is crazy. 100cpm is alert level 300cpm in hazmat/evacuation. To learn more about Fukushima and radiation levels in USA and Canada join us on the crowdsourcing radiation monitoring Facebook page. Radwatch dot info or the Facebook group radiation watch.
    Hope to see you there

  4. Nice Grammar as well.
    Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

    I have 2 friends that lived below Rocky Flats in Broomfield by Denver that both have rare blood diseases and are receiving 2 years of chemo form the Mayo clinic. Doctor’s analysis: “You were poisoned by exposure to plutonium radiation”.
    The government said there was no danger, the sun gives off more radiation then Rocky Flats. The final analysis, 21 plutonium fires caused a concentrated release of 25 to 300 kilograms of plutonium dust into the atmosphere. No one was notified until the FBI agent that busted the DOE retired and now tells his story.

    Former grand jury foreman McKinley chronicles his experiences in the 2004 book he co-authored with attorney Caron Balkany, The Ambushed Grand Jury, which begins with an open letter to the U.S. Congress from Special Agent Lipsky:
    I am an FBI agent. My superiors have ordered me to lie about a criminal investigation I headed in 1989. We were investigating the US Department of Energy, but the US Justice Department covered up the truth.

  5. There is no increase of Radiation in Air-Planes,
    please Research your Topic before you write an Article!

    The Fingerprint of Fukushima is in Alpha – and Beta-Radiation
    and very little in the spectrum of Gamma-Radiation.

    A flight Tokyo- New York- Tokyo gives you ca. 200 Microsievert
    and Fukushima do not changed it!

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