Kim Kardashian Lashed Out at Stepmom Ellen Pearson

Kardashian PearsonKim Kardashian and her siblings have been feuding with their stepmom, Ellen Pearson since before their farther, Robert Kardashian passed away in 2003. However, things had cooled off somewhat until last year when Pearson sold excerpts from Robert’s diaries to the tabloids. This low blow enraged Kim Kardashian and her siblings to the point that they lashed out at their stepmom, Ellen Pearson and sued her.

In the lawsuit, the Kardashians claimed that Pearson was selling their family secrets, and they were seeking to regain possession of their father’s diaries, family photo albums, and $300,000 in attorney fees. Pearson claimed the diaries and photo albums were left to her by Robert upon his death and that she could do with them as she pleased. She countersued the Kardashians for defamation of character.

Both sides threw accusations during depositions earlier this year. Kim Kardashian lashed out at her stepmom, Ellen Pearson saying information she sold to In Touch Weekly that were supposedly excerpts from her father’s diaries were actually nothing but lies. For example, one supposed diary entry said that Kris had beat and hit Kim when she was a child; however, under oath, Kim said those allegations were absolutely untrue and she thought her stepmom had made it all up.

However, an even sadder revelation came to light during Kim Kardashian’s deposition. She told attorneys that Pearson changed the locks on all the doors of the house to keep her and her siblings away from their father and she even told them not to come back. Pearson knew Robert was dying of cancer and deliberately kept his children from him. In order to see their father, Kim said she waited until Pearson was out of the house and then they went over, visited with Robert, and got a key so they could get in the house when they wanted to visit again, but even then, they had to force their way in past Pearson.

Pearson said this was not true and that the Kardashian children hardly ever visited their father after he started receiving treatments for cancer. She went on to tell attorneys that when Robert passed away none of his children were by his side because they were too busy having a party at Kourtney’s house.

Pearson and Kardashian were married just two months prior to his death. Since his passing, she has refused to give his children what they say rightfully belongs to them, such as their father’s diaries and family photo albums. The Kardashians believe Pearson has only wanted to hold onto those things as a way to hurt them.

Kim Kardashian lashed out at stepmom, Ellen Pearson and it paid off. Just last week, Kardashian’s legal counsel confirmed that a settlement had been reached in the case and said Robert’s diaries and family photos would be going back to the Kardashians. At this time, it is unclear if the Kardashians will be awarded $300,000 in attorney fees or if Pearson will prevail in her defamation of character suit. A hearing has been set for May 5 to address the matter of attorney fees.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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  1. It's me, Fergie   April 28, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    Love the kk’s!!

  2. n   April 27, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    1st paragraph correct the spelling of father, you have written something else.

  3. treytay (@boradreams)   April 27, 2014 at 6:26 am

    Defamation of character? Who’s character? If it’s Ellen’s then she’s out of luck in my book. She deliberately withheld diaries and photo albums from his kids so that she can sell them to a tabloid. If that speaks about her character I wouldn’t brag if I were her. She destroyed her own character. Her actions draw a picture as to who&what her character is like. Please take a seat Ellen and I hope you have some money left from your tabloid money.


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