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Stress: Tips for Maintaining Energy and Tackling Adversity


Stress is an unavoidable part of daily life. It originates from many sources and can affect individuals in a variety of different ways. One of the most difficult challenges inherent in dealing with stress is maintaining energy levels and tackling adversity without depleting all of a person’s mental and physical resources. Here are some tips for managing stress and tackling adversity while maintaining energy levels.

One of the key strategies for managing stress and tackling adversity is developing the ability to go off the grid. Given all the external stressors inherent in this tech-savvy age, getting away from technological gadgets removes all the alerts, notifications, and digital interruptions, as well as provides downtime and a period of relaxation from the chaos to allow an individual to recharge and restore their energy levels and peace of mind.

Another tip for managing stress and tackling adversity while maintaining energy levels is to always keep in mind what a person has to be grateful for and even make a list to remind one’s self when stress levels are elevated. Hopefully, not only will this strategy help to relieve stress and tackle adversity, but it could also provide perspective, as well as keep an individual humble and focused.

Attitude also plays an essential role in managing stress and tackling adversity, as well as maintaining energy levels. A positive attitude could make all the difference in helping a person overcome a setback. When an individual focuses on the negative aspects of their situation, they set up roadblocks that could keep them from moving forward. This negative attitude could cause a person to become mired in their situation. Extensive research has been done in the field of psychology that suggests an individual’s thoughts directly influence a person’s behavior. A good analogy would lie within the children’s totem The Little Engine That Could, as Tommy the Train approaches the giant hill and proclaimed: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Once Tommy the Train clears the hill,  he exclaimed: “I knew I could, I knew I could, I knew I could.” By having a positive attitude, an individual could create a constructive, ‘can do’ mindset and help boost their energy levels. Whereas, if an individual is mired in negativity, they could set themselves up for defeat and also drain their energy supply, which would result in both physical and mental exhaustion.

One tip that should not be disregarded in managing stress and tackling adversity is the concept of a higher power. No matter an individual’s background, religion or lack thereof, cultural beliefs, or observances, most people have some concept of a higher power. It could be a person, prophet, manifestation, or some nameless, faceless, shapeless force. Whatever concept of a higher power an individual has embraced or connected with, it could offer enormous support and comfort in times of adversity. There are countless tales of individuals who have attributed faith in some higher power to successfully overcoming obstacles, illnesses, and surviving world calamities.

Another tip that could prove very helpful in managing stress and tackling adversity, as well as maintaining energy levels, is to focus on short-term goals, as opposed to stressing over the ‘big picture.’ Instead of fixating on the grand plan, a person could focus on the next step along the path to attaining their ultimate goal. By setting short-term goals, people could avoid the stress associated with what might seem like an unattainable long-range plan. Stress of this nature can often result in depleted energy levels and excessive anxiety, which could lead to depression and mental illness.

Other tips that are essential to managing stress and tackling adversity, as well as maintaining energy levels, involve asking for help and having a strong support system to rely on in times of adversity. No one should feel they are alone when facing adversity. Help could come from a close friend, a loved one, someone from church, a therapist, family, or whatever form of assistance provides an individual with a sense of security. Surrounding one’s self with people who can offer encouragement and direction when a person is unable to see the situation accurately could help an individual with decision-making and provide clarity in times of adversity.

Many elements could affect an individual’s coping mechanisms, and as a result, their ability to manage stress, maintain energy levels, and tackle adversity. Several factors such as personality, a person’s environment, diet, distorted perceptions, and faulty thinking could contribute to an individual’s ability to overcome or stumble when faced with adversity. It is important to remember that life situations are usually temporary, and in time, the experience will have added more layers and depth to a person’s life story.

Opinion and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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