Christina Aguilera Has Disneyland Meltdown, Cusses out Mickey Mouse

Pop diva Christina Aguilera’s recent trip to Disneyland was not as fun-filled as one might expect, in fact it was quite the opposite based on recent reports. Even though she spent her birthday in the alleged happiest place on earth, her experience quickly turned sour and ended with her cussing out a popular children’s mascot, in the form of Mickey Mouse.

The now 34-year-old chose to ring in her festivities on December 18 at Disney’s California Adventure, located in Anaheim. All was reportedly going well until the singer and her crew attempted to get themselves photographed with the iconic Disney character, only to be told that whoever was inside the costume was just about to go on a break at that current time. The Genie in a Bottle hit-maker is said to have hit the roof upon being informed of this inconvenience, and began to fly off the handle entirely. Aguilera went on to throw something of a tantrum regarding the unfortunate news that she could not have a picture snapped with the mascot, going on to call him an a**hole among a torrent of additional verbal abuse. She is also said to have dropped the traditional star meltdown line of asking the individual if they had any idea who she was or how important her celebrity claim to fame was, much like Reese Witherspoon did during her husband’s arrest of last year.

The rest of Aguilera’s posse is said to have began tossing out threats towards Mickey, regarding what they were going to do upon the knowledge that he would not cooperate with their wishes to be photographed with him immediately regardless of whether or not he was going on a break or had anywhere else to be. The situation reportedly escalated so much that the mascot had to be taken away to a safe zone, far away from Aguilera and her crew. Security was called shortly after this, but by the time authorities got to the venue the Staten Island native had already fled the scene with her crew hot on her heels.

Aguilera herself has had quite a whirlwind year. In February, it was announced that she and partner Matthew Rutler had become engaged, after four years of dating. Shortly following this announcement, it was revealed that she was pregnant with her second child. Although speculation began to immediately fly surrounding her upcoming new baby and engagement, with people assuming that her pregnancy was the reason behind the pair’s impending nuptials, Aguilera and her partner remain adamant that this was simply not the case and that the time rather worked out that way. She gave birth to a daughter in August 2014, whom the pair named Summer Rain. She has a son named Max Liron with her former husband, Jordan Bratman.

It remains to be seen why Christina Aguilera had something of an epic meltdown at Disneyland last week. Her representative has refused to issue any sort of comment on the matter whatsoever, this according to popular gossip website TMZ.

By Rebecca Grace

E! Online Canada
Photo by YayA Lee – Flickr License

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  1. matt   December 29, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    thank you. very good post

  2. Truman   December 29, 2014 at 7:49 am

    Drats. Wish she wasn’t coming back to The Voice. Enjoy that show much more without her diva-esque attitude.


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