Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Divorce Off: Couple to Reconcile, Says Source

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are considering the idea of giving their marriage one last try, according to Life & Style. The tabloid outlet claims that since the couple announced their divorce in August, the twosome have remained on very good terms for the sake of their kids. But something seems to have reminded them as to why their romance has lasted as long as it has.

Affleck and Garner, who first met on the set of 2003’s Daredevil, have been together for 12 years. Other sources have stated that the actress feels like her 10-year marriage to the Argo star would have been a waste if she was to suddenly give up and not try and find a solution to their problems, no matter how hard it may be for either of them.

A solution to their problems may not be that to easy find, at least if one has been keeping up with reports as of late, who have openly claimed that Affleck allegedly cheated on Garner. Christine Ouzounian, the family’s former nanny, was said to have been one of the women Affleck had an ongoing affair with, whilst caring for Garner’s three children.

Though the report was never confirmed, Garner’s decision in firing the nanny soon after the scandal broke spoke matters for itself. Why would the 43-year-old abruptly fire her nanny out of the blue — especially at a time when she is filing for divorce from her husband. The last thing one would want to do is fire the nanny when splitting from the father of one’s children, right?

Going with the assumption that Affleck was having an affair with the ex-nanny, there is a sense of understanding as to why the Butter actress would want to end the marriage for good. But the Afflecks have been surrounded with marriage problems since 2011. One source even went as far as to say that if Garner had never conceived her third child, Samuel, their marriage would have ended years ago.

Couple’s therapy clearly has not worked for the two, so it should be said that when all has been tried and a solution cannot be found, it is best to part ways. But Life & Style is firmly sticking to their story, claiming that Garner and Affleck could potentially reconcile. They’ve been apart for almost half a year, and by the look of things, they have started to miss one another.

“They’re trying really hard to save their marriage and it seems to be working. They’re already discussing having him move back in,” an insider tells the outlet. “She’s confiding to friends that she and Ben are going to do whatever it takes to make their marriage work.”

Affleck and Garner have been spotted out and about quite often as of late — with their children, of course. One can argue that if the couple really wanted to separate and divorce, they would not spend so much time with one another. A simple joint-custody ruling could sort out all of their problems, but clearly this is not the case.

If Garner can overlook a potential cheating affair, could she somewhat be to blame for her marriage downfall? Her actions in recent months may have triggered Affleck to find temporary love elsewhere, which has consequently led her to realise her mistakes and try with a new beginning. The couple’s divorce has not yet been finalised, so there is still a chance.

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy

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