Bold and Brash Donald Trump

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump knows how to attract attention to himself. His Twitter feed is an uninterrupted flow of commentator traffic. Whoever has the job to keep up with all of the tweets being posted on Trump has work to do, for quite some time. When observing the rate of messages steadily streaming in, one would not be surprised to find an entourage handling these tweets. At these very hours and who knows how many hours before or after these, the column is in constant motion as waves of tweets continue to flood in. Day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, he has generated boundless attention to himself and his principles.

His choices are venturesome and he takes the cake when it comes to being bold! He has proven this philosophy by taking huge risks in just about every area of his life, and because of these actions, he is watched abundantly by many. Like him or not, he reveals a lot of himself and there is something admirable about that. Most people are fearful to voice many opinions and this aristocrat has been doing it for years. Now, he is on the ballot for the United States Presidency and approaching it from an angle like no other running mate before him. Therefore, propelling him further into the national spotlight.

Soon after taking over the family’s affairs, he became involved in building bodacious structures while using captivating architectural design and he achieved acknowledgment from the public at large in the process. Then, parallel to a blockbuster, he purchased property directly across from Grand Central Station in New York City and he worked out an arrangement with the Hyatt Hotel Corporation, which did not have a larger downtown hotel. He then cultivated a complex deal with the city to win a 40-year tax appeasement, and after gathering the finances, he completely rehabilitated the building, constructing a bold, modern aspect of reflective glass, which was structured by architect Der Scutt.

Trump rented property neighboring the famous Tiffany & Company as the emplacement for a formidable $200 million apartment-retail compound, which was also designed by Der Scutt. Over time, it became known as Trump Tower. The 58-story project highlighted a six-story conservatory lined with pink marble and incorporated an 80-foot waterfall. The plush erection appealed to well-known retail stores, celebrity tenants, and brought the real estate big wig national Fame.

The millionaire then researched the availing casino business and he acquired a piece of real estate in Atlantic City. From there, he recruited his younger brother to oversee the compound project, purchased land, obtained a gambling license, and procured essential permits, as well as financing. Holiday Inn Corporation, which is the parent company of Harrah’s casino hotel, presented a co-partnership and the $250 million compound was open for business. It was introduced as Harrah’s at Trump Plaza. Following this feat, he bought out Holiday Inn and the building’s name was changed to Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. He also bought out a Hilton Hotels casino-hotel in Atlantic City when the corporation failed to secure a gambling license. He then renamed this $320 million complex Trump’s Castle, and while, under construction, he was able to gain proprietorship of the largest hotel-casino in the world, the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The captain of industry has compiled a lengthy business list. He is currently number 72 on Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Powerful People. He has even had a hit television show, Celebrity Apprentice, and very quickly became known for his bold and brash comments that he often made on the show. As a candidate for president, he boldly goes where many will not. By asking questions and openly debating about uncomfortable topics, Trump has developed quite a following of people whom he has been able to sway to his mindset. Shifting public opinion is not an easy thing to do, and Donald Trump has found a way to boldly connect with many American citizens. People like him for his creative boldness, there is that striking charm of honesty that comes along with it, and ultimately, it appears that the public would rather have boldness over political correctness.

By Patricia DeHaven
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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