Kim Burrell From Insult to Injury [Video]

burrellMost have heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” However, it does not take long before people realized this nursery rhyme was far from the truth. Even the toughest exteriors walk away with internal scars when words are used as weapons of mass destruction. It is amazing despite how small the tongue is, it has started more wars and been responsible for more tragedy than anything else.

Recently, gospel singer and pastor, Kim Burrell, came under fire after video footage of a sermon went viral where she spoke harshly against the LGBTQ community. She used graphic descriptions of sexual acts and even spoke against mega pastor Eddie Long and the allegations of sexual abuse that sent shock waves through the faith community several years ago. Of the disgraced pastor, she said:

Watching Bishop Eddie Long go down to nothing is an embarrassment to the church. Nobody would be thinking that you had AIDS if a homosexual man didn’t come out and reveal what you did behind closed doors.

These and other remarks were met with backlash from mainstream entertainment celebrities and religious communities alike. The pastor was scheduled to appear with Pharrell Williams on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to perform a selection from the movie “Hidden Figures” but has since been uninvited.  Burrell’s rant insulted many of her supporters while injuring her career.

At this stage, whether or not the singer’s words intended to harm anyone is a moot point. The bigger concern is the attitude that she displayed during the delivery. The Bible speaks of the power of the tongue and stresses the importance of seasoning words with love and grace. However, the harshness of Burrell’s message demonstrated otherwise.burrell

The singer took to Facebook to clarify her actions but seemed to add insult to injury. Instead of accepting blame, she talked about the lack of music sales and told the offended parties that they were mad because they wanted to be. She accused “enemies” of misconstruing her words, when in fact, the message people heard came directly from her mouth.  In the midst of explaining herself, she quickly went from insult to injury.

Truth is, everyone “falls short”, and Burrell is no exception. What she failed to realize is, owning it is the first step in restoring the moral compass of inspiration. When people blow it, they do not need any big revelation to identify it; they know it. Instead of shifting blame, it is more beneficial to start seeing those times as an excellent opportunity to expand and enhance personal development.

Listed below are three tips that can help Pastor Burrell and others with the transitions of ownership in controversial times:

  1. Admit It: Refusal to admit an error does nothing more than delay personal growth.  To avoid responsibility for a mistake is wasted time and energy.  Restoration cannot happen without ownership.
  2. Learn From It:  Experience can be a costly teacher, but the only irreparable ones are the mistakes we do not grow from. Perform an autopsy to discover what went wrong.  Always maximize mistakes by extracting a lesson.
  3. Spread The Wealth: What good is life changing information if no one else has the opportunity to benefit from it? The way to true success is through empowering others.

Of mistakes, famed playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” Although this may be true, it does not ease the pain or frustration when walking through a tough experience. Here is the deal, everyone makes mistakes. No matter the many efforts people make to seem flawless, frailties abound. In order to manage mistakes properly, a person must own the error and adopt a new behavior.

Burrell’s performance was booted from the “Ellen Show” and Texas Southern University has pulled her radio show. However, she still has the responsibility of being honest with herself as well as an example to those she is called to lead. Go ahead preachers and cry loud, but instead of condemning folk to hell, it is time to speak the truth in love. Although what spewed from Kim Burrell’s lips sounded like hate speech, the power to recover is also in the pastor’s mouth. As it stands, her level of influence hangs in the balance between insult and injury.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


St. Louis American: Ellen blocks Kim Burrell, singer responds to backlash about anti-gay sermon

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4 Responses to "Kim Burrell From Insult to Injury [Video]"

  1. Eternal Sight   January 9, 2017 at 2:08 am

    “… but the only irreparable ones are the mistakes we do not grow from.”

    Some mistakes have life long consequences after they have been committed, no matter how much you may want to repair the damage caused by them you are unable to do so. A person who causes the death of another person’s and takes their life, even by accident without any type of intent whatsoever, can’t repair the damage their actions have done. You can’t repair the loss of the family members who loved them. How is this repairable. What is there to learn from it if the person’s actions were completely accidental with no intent? You can’t undo the damage caused in this type of situation, all you can do is attempt to make amends as much as is possible. The idea that no mistake is irreparable is the most naive relative truth(which is nothing but a fantasized falsehood) there is. This is the type of statement that comes from someone who is not living in reality.

    “Perform an autopsy to discover what went wrong.”

    Interesting choice of words there, when the word autopsy is used it most predominately used to describe investigation of something that is dead or past. As stated earlier, some mistakes have life long consequences. How does a person autopsy their accidental causing the death of someone with circumstances that were completely beyond their control? How does a wife ‘autopsy’ the death of her husband after she invites him on a reportedly safe trail overlooking a cliff and has him stop to take a picture when the cliff beneath him gives way and he falls to his death. How is she supposed to autopsy this? You can bet she is going to blame herself for his death, accusing herself of causing it because of something she did or didn’t do and if she had only done this or that he wouldn’t have died. Are her feelings valid at the time, yes, they are. Are they the truth? No, of course not, it’s only a truth relative to her at the time due to her feelings. The facts and truth of the matter is she suffers a life long consequence for something clear to everyone else was not her fault at all in any type of way. But let’s say in her emotional state she starts to blame shift and starts to feel that all this happened because of someone else’s actions or inactions and begins to convince herself that she is the victim and that there is a responsible party out there that she can sue or who needs to pay in order to compensate her for her feelings of loss and she goes out and researches who the county inspection engineer happens to be who signed off that the trail was safe and where this person resides and then drives over to the address and runs over the engineer’s wife/husband to show them how it feels to suffer such a loss them self. Is she justified in her actions because her feelings were real at the time? No of course not, she would be guilty of murder and would suffer the consequences because no matter how strong and real her emotions are at the time they would not justify the truth that her feelings were not more important then the factual truth.

    “… Spread The Wealth: What good is life changing information if no one else has the opportunity to benefit from it? The way to true success is through empowering others.”

    No, spread the truth, that is ALL that matters, not relative truth, not how “I feel”, not validating “how I perceive or feel about myself today.” Sorry, feels are temporary, the change moment to moment, they are deceptive and misleading when we allow them to be and those who attempt to validate them before anything else are acting irresponsibly towards everyone else.

    The truth is, God is God, and we are not, no matter how much we to justify to ourselves that we are.He determines what is right and what is wrong, what sin is. We all have a free will choice to believe what He says in His Word or reject it, but that doesn’t change the outcome or consequences that come from rejecting what God Himself has declared, plainly.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Eternal Sight   January 9, 2017 at 2:06 am

    Well as followers of Christ Paul stated that, “it’s no longer I who live but Christ in me,” and “for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” So for a follower of Jesus our lives are no longer our own, they are are to be lived to glorify Jesus and what His Word says. So personal development isn’t a part of the follower of Jesus vocabulary. Why? Because we know apart for Jesus were hopelessly fallen, lost and wicked wanting our own sinful way each and every time. It’ s our will that comes to the foreground, our little kingdom of one, not a life lived for the glory of His Kingdom and what His will is. Which leads to the next point Ms Jackson offers.

    “… To avoid responsibility for a mistake is wasted time and energy.”

    No, we come out of the womb trying to avoid responsibility for our actions and play the victim and blame other people for our problems, this is the epitome of the human condition from birth. Without instruction from childhood of the truth that this type of behavior is incorrect and unacceptable in society we have people that grow up to put their feelings in front of the truth and others who will support them in their fantasy because they are guilt tripped into feeling better about themselves for supporting incorrect behavior in the name of tolerance and diversity. I am sorry, but this is social anarchy and destructive to all of the rest of society and speaks to the next statement.

    “… Restoration cannot happen without ownership.”

    Sorry, but restoration comes after reconciliation, and reconciliation can only come after both sides can agree on what the truth is. But this is typical of people who are self absorbed and only focusing on themselves and really don’t want what is right or the truth, they only want the other party to recognize their relative truth and no other, recognize their feelings and recognize that their feelings are valid and above all other truth at that moment and once the other party does, then, and only then will the hurt feeling party attempt to move towards a tolerance position of false restoration. But restoration mean’s putting or bringing something back to the way it was at the beginning, at the start, but for this to take place each party has to recognize the truth of the matter from the start, from the beginning. Since the truth wasn’t agreed upon, there was no beginning, hence, there can be no reconciliation when both parties agree on what is true, which leads to restoration once this is done. You see, those who are run by their feelings and relative truth ALWAYS want to skip the reconciliation and try to go right to restoration, but this is impossible. Can’t we all just get along? Well no, because until were all in agreement about what the real truth is, those that deny the truth or create their truth relative to how they feel will ALWAYS not get along, simply because the only real truth exposes the relative truth every time, and shows it for the lie it truly is.

    Ownership can’t happen until the truth is recognized completely and fully agreed upon as the truth for everyone.

  3. Eternal Sight   January 9, 2017 at 1:58 am

    Name calling, label making and trying to produce guilt is NEVER going to change what the LORD God, creator of the universe and everything in it has plainly decreed about the sinful lifestyle CHOICE of homosexuality, that goes for fornication and adultery as well. He has declared all of these to be sin, and they will always be, with the the exception that He declares homosexuality and bestiality to be abominations that are unnatural and completely against the natural order of things.

    Those who follow Jesus, have put all of their trust, all of their faith, and all of their hope in Him and what He has said in His Word know it’s better to please God to try to please sinful men. Pleasing God is eternal, pleasing men, well we all know that lasts about a Facebook minute.

    See Jesus commanded His followers to go out and tell the rest of the world the Good News about His coming, His death from shedding His very perfect, sinless blood on the Cross at Calvary, His burial in a grave and then His glorious rising from the very same grave three days after to show that He had conquered over sin and death, as only He could. He became sin for all of us because we couldn’t become righteous enough to be perfect no matter how hard we tried, sacrificed, worked, earned, gave, etc etc etc. Jesus covered every wrong, every hurt, every pain, every sad moment, every hopeless state… all of it, He took all of that and nailed it to the cross He was hung on, willingly… so that we didn’t have to suffer the very penalty that He gave His life for. So He is the Savior of the entire world, past, present and future… but, for you to receive His free gift of salvation, you have to believe it, believe the gospel message about Jesus, and you will be saved from your sins. Saved from what? Eternal torment and suffering along with eternal separation from God Himself. There is a cost and penalty to sin, there is, and only Jesus could deal with it and cover this eternal price. And every person needs the salvation Jesus provides, all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, all of us.

    Jesus stated in The gospel of John chapter 14, verse 6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father in heaven except by and through me (Jesus).” So Jesus definitively states that He, and no other person, way, religious practice, lifestyle, belief system, political system, etc is THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN. That’s it, the only one way there is.

    Jesus also said, “My Word is truth.” so Jesus definitively states that His Word, and only His Word is THE TRUTH. This means any other so called truths, regardless of how much people want to believe them, are nothing but falsehoods, and the more people choose to follow them, the more they will lead themselves away from the only REAL truth, which is Jesus, who is the eternal Word, God coming down out of heaven to take on flesh and bone, so that He could become the sacrificial lamb for the sins of the entire world. There is only ONE Truth, that’s it, and followers of Jesus know this, and when they obey Jesus command and tell people that God, who is truth, has said in His word, that something is a sin, they are motivated, doing this on a mission out of love trying to warn those who don’t know the truth of the good news of Salvation that Jesus provided.

  4. Lili   January 5, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Hope everything will be ok. enjoy yourself


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