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Apple Just Can Not Seem to Get It Right



Apple is once again in the spotlight but, unfortunately for them, not the good kind. It appears they have made a habit of creating enemies with other major corporations in the industry.

They lost one of the many ongoing legal battles this week with Qualcomm, which is just one of the numerous disputes and allegations being made by the wireless technology company in the already two-year legal debate, best known for their chip making and patent licensing businesses, against the Apple Corporation.

The federal court found Apple guilty of infringement, determining that they did, in fact, violate all three of the global patents in question in the case, and awarding $31 million in statutory damages to Qualcomm in the lawsuit. According to CNET, the two major tech companies’ next bout in court is over licenses and royalties and the trial is already set for April 15th of this year.

To top it off, MacRumors reports that the popular music app, Spotify, announced this past Wednesday that they filed an anti-trust complaint against Apple with the European Commission, one of the legal institutions of the European Union, alleging that they are utilizing various unfair practices in the App Store. Some of the main unfair practices noted being a 30 percent charge for developers for their subscriptions, the company’s technical restrictions, and intentionally creating an upper hand for Apple music.

The Verge reports that, in addition to their formal legal complaint, Spotify created a website providing, not only, a synopsis of their complaints against Apple, but also a timeline, dating back to 2007, outlining all of the numerous times Apple has not ‘played fair’ leading them to finally take action. Ironically, they named this website Time to Play Fair.

Spotify is referring to Apple as a monopolist in almost every statement they make to the press, declaring that no monopoly will ever admit fault and only have their own personal interests at heart while insisting that they only care about the best interests of their competitor’s and customers.

Sadly, Apple seems to be inadvertently confirming these views in both of the above cases with their rebuttals. In each of Apple’s statements to the press opposing these accusations, they begin by attempting to discredit the claims of the organization and end with reversing the pointed finger at them in a way to attempt to redirect the discussion to something else.

At this rate, Apple may end up at the bottom of the totem pole, or worse, completely take themselves out of the running.

Written by Megan Kuehl


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