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Madonna’s New Single “Medellin” Bombs on Spotify and Itunes, Beyonce Rules


Madonna had a massive build up for her comeback single “Medellin” which was released on April 17, 2019. The single had the world premiere on Apple’s Beat 1 Radio with DJ Zane Lowe, who gave it a build up fit for a queen.

“Medellin” is the first single in four years from Madonna, following the worst selling album of her career “Rebel Heart.”

Sixty-year-old Madonna turned to Colombian Reggaeton singing sensation 25-year-old Maluma to help write and sing the single with her. Madonna was all set for her return to the music scene.

After the single was released, it rose briefly on the US iTunes chart to number 9 and quickly fell to 24. As of April 20, the single sits at number 43.

On the Candian iTunes chart, rose to number 12, and as of April 20, dropped to 26.

On the United Kingdom iTunes chart, the single rose to number 9, and as of April 20, dropped to 21.

“Medellin” has failed to chart on Spotify on any chart in the United States. However, it did hit the streaming chart at number 30 from Columbia. Undoubtedly, due to the extraordinary popularity of Maluma.

“Medellin” was billed to be the big leadoff single for “Madonna’s album “Madame X” set to drop on June 14 and was poised to bring the pop star back to the top of the charts and help regain her relevancy in today’s music scene.

As expected, Madonna fans love the single, as with anything the singer does.  Madonna and her label should be worried about the lack of interest from the mainstream audience towards the single.

Not all hardcore Madonna fans are thrilled with the single. They have taken to Twitter and Facebook, writing in Madonna fan groups their feelings.

TheTruth said: “The single is extremely boring. It never should have been the lead single. The comments people are writing on YouTube are desperate. I do not care how long Madonna has been in the business. I am talking about the current song and the current song only. One should not justify that this is good based on what she had done in the past. Her vocals fall flat. Maluma brings on the heat with his voice, and that is the only interesting aspect of the song. It is funny how he is featured on the album twice. I guess Madonna really wants to f**k him.”

Kerry Grindle said: “I am a huge Madonna fan. Always have been, always will be. I do not like this song, and this is not fit for our Queen if anybody is honest.”

Alison Walker said: “What is this s**t?”

Marty B said: “I am looking forward to the remixes. Maybe they can save this.”

Mannytheman said: I really have to question what Madonna was thinking. This song has no energy or life. What happened to her? She used to be good.”

The Madonna Infinity Fan Forum did not have good things to say about the single either.

Rupert76 said: “I am hoping Madonna learns that she needs to satisfy the expectations that her faithful fans have. We expect the same quality of music she has produced previously, instead of adapting herself to whatever genre is fashionable. What the heck is this garbage? Is this a joke?”

B**ch I’m Madonna said: ” I really hope this song flops big time so she will not attempt to record a song in this vein again.”

In response to B**ch I’m Madonna, Ambrose said: “I do not think a flop will stop Madonna from doing anything. Maybe if the second single does better – which will not happen, she will do fewer collaborations.”

B**ch I’m Madonna responded to Ambrose: “My problem is not that the song is a collaboration. The song is a horrible song. It is absolutely tragic.”

Madonna’s last releases had poor sales. The singer found it necessary to give away tickets in venues in New York, Chicago, Miami, and other U.S. cities to inflate the number of tickets sold to her concerts.

Beyonce’s album “Homecoming” also released on April 17, in 48 hours has steamed or sold 43,000 copies.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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