Wendy Williams, Has She Relapsed or Is She Depressed, People Want to Know



On April 13, 2020, the “Wendy @ Home” show left people wondering if the talk show host had relapsed on drugs and/or alcohol. Her usual in-your-face attitude was massively toned down. At times her voice seemed to crack or have emotion. At times, Williams’s speech was slightly slurred and slow.

What Happened Next?

Then she seductively turned her shoulder and a bit of her poofy top slid off her shoulder. She was wearing a fitted cami-like top underneath. Williams then says “I know that you are missing my touch Nortman.” to her producer and friend Norman. She asks him, “Do you like my burger and pickle?” In reference to the big glittery burger with a large dill pickle on top, sitting in front of her. His reply was “That’s a huge burger!” Williams agrees and says, “I’m a huge woman.”

Then What Happened?

She immediately becomes emotional as she talks about DJ Boof, her “friend,” who drove her to an event for officers. Then she lists all of the materials and food that she bought for the officers. She posed for pictures with officers wearing a yellow poof dress, jacket, and mask. Apparently, at some point, she removed her mask for a photo with DJ Boof.

The picture was posted onto her social media, and her fans gave her flack about not wearing a mask. Some fans asked her when she was going to officially announce their (Williams and Boof) relationship, to which she responds, “We’re officially friends.”

What Happened Next?

Williams quickly moves onto Tiny and Shekinah before spacing out and staring at the fake burger in front of her while sniffling. “I wish this burger wasn’t fake. It looks so delicious,” she says with tears in her voice. To which Norman laughs. In a softer high pitch voice, Williams says “I want to have a bite.” The talk show host describes the burger as “100 percent glitter” before taking a bite off of the real pickle.

Afterward, she returns to what she was saying about Shekinah and Tiny’s podcast. The two apparently talked about Bill Cosby and how they feel he needs to be released. Shekinah stated she thought it was wrong “that you women did that to Bill.” Tiny said that she believed he had done his time already, to which Williams says, “Bill Cosby needs to stay in jail for all his years. I don’t know what these girls are talking about.”

The Interview Section

Throughout her entire ‘Hot Topic’ segment of her show, she appears distracted, her eyes seem to be difficult to keep open. She also seems to be going through a lot of various emotions. She then flies into an interview with comedian/actor Micheal Yo, who had the coronavirus.

Yo describes how he found out how he had the virus. Williams asks if his family contracted the virus as well. He said, “They had a fever for a day but that was it.” Yo also said that he had the “baddest headache” of his life with breathing problems, pain, and feeling ill. Yo is out of isolation now and back home. He has massive respect for “Those who are working the front line.” Williams seems extremely touched by what Yo had said and breaks down in tears.

The ‘Ask Wendy’ Segment

Williams moves into the “Ask Wendy” segment of her show as she tries to pull herself together. At one point she gets distracted by something off-camera and says, “Oh she brought the elephant,” before saying it was her maintenance man.

She then called the man over to say “Hi” the camera. Once the man got into camera view (wearing full hazmat) Williams seems to realize how close he is. She immediately gets tense and shoos the man away quickly. Fans immediately voiced their opinions about the show on social media. Some suggest that she may be drunk or on drugs again.

Williams’s Past

Many years ago, William had issues with cocaine. In previous interviews, Williams states how her job as a radio DJ made the addiction easy to keep up with. She talked about how family and friends never talked to her about the addiction.

Williams stated that she was shocked “nobody had the guts,” to say anything. Then she explained how she would work her shift, party, then sleep a little bit before doing it all over again.

She met Kevin Hunter at her birthday party when she turned 30. It was then she decided to turn her life around. On Nov. 30, 1997, she married Hunter. In April 2019, Williams left her husband after 22 years of marriage, because he cheated on her.

Not long afterward, Williams went to live in a rehab center. When her ex-husband and his mistress had a child, Williams spiraled out of control and ended up hospitalized

Others believe she may be struggling with being insolated and having depression. Whatever the case may be, Williams looks as though she may need counseling of some sort. Being in quarantine has made a lot of people lonely.

By Sheena Robertson


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