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NFL: Thursday Night Football – Texans 41 — Lions 25

Deshawn Watson and the Texans scored three touchdowns and a field goal in the first half, but the Lions could only put up two touchdowns and gave up a pick-six and two fumbles. Not a winning formula. First half Texans up 23-14.

The second half was not that much better with the Lions only scoring a field goal and a fourth-quarter touchdown pass to Mohamed Sanu Sr. The Texans scored a field goal in the third and Deshawn Watson threw a 40 and a 34-yard touchdown pass to Will Fuller in the fourth to put the game away.

NFL: Patriots 20 — Cardinals 17NFL

The game opens up with the Patriots Cam Newton getting picked off on a third and six play on the New England 29-yard line. Arizona cashed in on the turnover with a Kenyan Drake one-yard run for a touchdown.

At the end of the first, the Cardinals kick a field goal. And the only other points scored in the first half was a Patriots James White seven-yard touchdown run. The half ended with the Cardinals up 10-7.

The Cardinals’ only score in the second half was a touchdown that was accompanied by two punts, an interception, and a missed field goal. New England’s touchdown and two field goals were all they needed to put this game in the win column.

NFL: Dolphins 20 — Jets 3

This game was clear domination by the Miami Dolphins. They scored two touchdowns and two field goals to the Jets one an only field goal in the first quarter. The winless Jets concluded this game still without a win.

NFLNFL: Browns 27 — Jaguars 25

With Cleveland and the Jaguars, both scoring three touchdowns and two field goals, the difference in this game was in the second half when the Jaguars scored two of their three touchdowns. They went for the two-point conversion and failed both times. Go Figure.

NFL: Saints 31 — Broncos 3

The Saints Taysom Hill starting in place of the injured Drew Brees did not have to do much to beat the broken dismantling Broncos. New Orleans scored four touchdowns and a field goal to blow the Broncos out. No contest.

NFLNFL: 49ers 23 — Rams 20

This was a very sloppy game played by both teams. There is no way the Rams should have expected to win this game if their quarterback gets picked off twice and one of them for a pick-six. They also fumbled the ball twice even though it did not lead to any points.

The 49ers did not do much better. They gave up an interception, two fumbles, one for a scoop and score, and a missed field goal. This is not the offensive activity of a team that should expect to win. But it is the team that makes the fewer mistakes that come away with the victory.

NFL: Chiefs 27 — Bucs 24

A much-anticipated game between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes Sunday was worth the wait. Both Brady and Mahomes collectively passed for 807-yards. Mahomes was at the top of his game making 37 out of 49 passes, passing for 462-yards, and three-touchdowns. Brady made 27 of his 41 passes, passing for 345-yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. The team that makes fewer mistakes win.

NFLNFL: Packers 41 — Bears 25

The Chicago Bears looked as if they were a bad college team playing an exhibition game against a very good NFL team. The Packers racked up six touchdowns to the Bears three. At no point in this game did the Bears make it look as if they had a chance to win. As a Bears fan, this was hard to watch.

NFL: Monday Night Football – Seahawks 23 — Eagles 17

It appeared as if both teams in the first quarter did not have an offensive answer to the other team’s defense. The Eagles went three and out four times while the Seahawks turned the ball over on downs twice along with a three and out. In the second quarter, the Seahawks scored two touchdowns and the Eagles scored a touchdown missing the extra point ending the half behind the Seahawks 14-6.

The second half was full of field goals with the Seahawks kicking three field goals to the Eagles one field goal. With the score 23-9, the Eagles conducted a four-play, 58-yard touchdown drive. Too little, too late.

Written by Omari Jahi


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