Supreme Court to Review Lawsuit to Overturn Biden’s Win in Pennsylvania [Video]

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Despite tossed out and withdrawn lawsuits in multiple states — and the fact that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (R) certified President-Elect Joe Biden’s win — Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Penn.), on December 2, 2020, submitted a request to have the Supreme Court “nullify” the governor’s certification.

It seems as though the President and his delusional supporters have nothing else to lose but to petition the courts. Why not continue to bog down the American justice systems with false allegations of voter fraud?

Oh, wait…they are not. They are only screaming fraud from televised podiums, however in the courtrooms — perhaps, because they fear disbarment for knowingly presenting false information to the courts — they argue something slightly different.

The seemingly endless court cases and bizarre behavior of Trump and some of his supporters cause concern. An examination of just a few of the long list of traits the Republican party has lost by enabling President Trump and his insidious antics:

  1. Integrity … check.
  2. Character…check.
  3. Dignity…check.
  4. Sanity…check.
  5. Soul…check.

All of the aforementioned characteristics are always scrutinized under any administration, but for the Republican party, these traits have been on display more than ever during the Trumpian Era. Some Republicans have yet to take a stand against the attack on democracy — not Biden — that is unfolding right before their eyes, within their party. Silence and complicity are at times — synonymous.

Kelly’s court case, which he hopes will overturn Biden’s win in Pennsylvania, is based upon a previous court case rejected by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court — when Kelly challenged the altered rules for mail-in ballots. Due to the pandemic, Pennsylvania allowed voters to request mail ballots without the need for an excuse.

Kelly’s latest lawsuit comes after the United States of America Attorney General William Barr stated there was no evidence of fraud that would halt Biden from being the winner of the contest.

The contest to hold the temporary title (one-two terms) of the President of the United States of America is determined — not by the popular vote — but by the first candidate to obtain 270 electoral college votes.

This may be reconsidered in future presidential contests because of the problems it has created in past elections. However, in the 2020 election, not only was Biden the first to obtain 270 electoral college votes, he was the first President-elect of the United States to garner 80 million votes.

These facts have been extremely difficult for Trump and his supporters to fathom — but numbers do not lie. Consequently, Trump has not conceded, and some Congress members are reluctant to refer to Biden as President-elect.

Three Trump appointed Judges, in response to a prior court lawsuit to overturn Biden’s win, wrote:

Voters, not lawyers, choose the President. Ballots, not briefs, decide elections.

There are a few more weeks before the highly anticipated inauguration date of January 20, 2021. Many have slept more peacefully knowing that Biden is the President-Elect. However, Trump’s throw-spaghetti-on-the-wall tactics do have voters feeling a little uneasy — prayerfully, nothing sticks.

Opinion by Sheree Bynum


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