Former Lead Singer for Skid Row Johnny Solinger Dies at Age 55

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The former lead singer for the rock band Skid Row has passed away at the age of 55. According to a post from the Official Skid Row, on Saturday, June 27, 2021, Johnny Solinger died. Last month the singer posted on Facebook that he had been diagnosed with liver failure.  According to IMDb, his death has been attributed to his diagnosis.

In his Facebook post, he stated that he had “been diagnosed with liver failure. And prognosis is not so good.” For the next few weeks, he was on at least seven different medications. Due to losing a significant amount of strength, he needed physical therapy. Solinger’s family struggled to pay for his palliative care but knew they needed to keep him comfortable.

SolingerHe was born in 1966 in Arkansas. When he was a young boy he moved to Dallas/Fort Worth — located in Texas — area where he was exposed to equal amounts of Hard Rock and Country music. He fell in love with both styles. According to Skid Row’s official website page, the group was formed in 1989. They rose to fame with “I Remember You,” and “18 and Life” from the bands’ self-entitled album.

IMDb website says that Solinger formed a rock band named after him in 1990. The band recorded four independent records — Solinger, Solinger II, Chain Link Fence, and Solinger Live. The group enjoyed performing live and was a huge radio success throughout the Southwest.

Many people took to social media to pay their respects to the singer’s wife, Paula Marcenaro Solinger. Mitch Lafon tweeted, “It is with a heavy heart that I learn that former Skid Row frontman… has passed away. My sincerest condolences to friends and family. Rest In Peace.”

MichaelSweet Stryper tweeted that he was sorry to hear about the singer’s death. “Many prayers and thoughts to Johnnys family, friends and fans worldwide. God Bless you Johnny and May God hold you in his Hands for all eternity.”

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