Republican, Democrat Parties Are Not The Solution

By Bridgette Bryant

Moving past partisan games and stepping into a government that is by the people and for the people.

The Democratic Party is one of the oldest political parties in the world. That liberal party generally supports a progressive income tax, higher corporate taxes, the recapturing of income from overseas, the expansion of spending on government programs and freedom of choice in the area of social issues such as abortion and religion.

About fifty years after the founding of the Democrat party, the Whigs split, and the Republican party was formed by anti-slavery activists. The party founders were abolitionist who had little success until they started electing their own to Congress.

Although the abolition of slavery was a noble objective, it shows that, from the start, the Republican party was populated by people who who were willing to carry the party banner. But the same can be said for any party. Agreement is part and parcel of any political party foundation as well as the root of all of the problems.

There is so much history regarding the evolution of each of these parties that we can’t possibly allocate the time or space to completely examine it now. But how about a quick crash-course concerning the most popular banter?

“Republicans just want to give money to the wealthy.” Well, maybe so, but when was the last time you saw a broke person create jobs for people? “Democrats just want to live off the government.” Unfortunately, the federal government takes so much of our income as a nation, I think we’re owed a few rebates, don’t you?

“Republicans just want to diminish and destroy everything.” The Republican party’s founding slogan was ‘free labor, free land, free men.’ Today, their driving force is still smaller government and fewer restrictions on citizens. This type of freedom is what the founding fathers had in mind when they built the foundation of our nation. “Democrats just want to spend.” We are in such a deep problem-ridden pit that we are literally going to have to spend our way out of it, still, there have been heaps of legislation backed by Democrats that could increase revenue on both the federal and state levels.

“Black people are all democrats.” Really, didn’t the democrats start the KKK? “Republicans are just a bunch of rich, old, white men.” Well,shoot.

Now let me drop some real creepy knowledge on you…in the beginning of this party nonsense, there were two parties: The Federalists and, wait for it…wait for it, the Democratic-Republican. Ahhh! Oh my gosh! Mom, he touched me! Yes, that was actually a party name and, in a way, parts of our parties intermingled as one there, but there’s A LOT more detail to this that you should look up. Let’s not go into the fact that when the Democratic party first started it was actually called “National Republicans.” Moving on.

Some of the greatest men in history were Republicans: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Some of the greatest men in history were Democrats: Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy.

So what’s the point, then, if both sides have their issues?

That’s the point.

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