Why Obama Won the Election, and other anomalies of modern psychology

Obama won the election because we’ve come to the point in our national psychology where Success is portrayed as Evil, and “Dependency on the State” is somehow a Virtue.

By Benjamin Gaul:


I wish there was no need for me to write this article. I honestly wish a completely different paradigm were at work in our country, other than the one we find ourselves facing.

The narrative runs like this: “I, the good and humble Democrat, have fought tooth and nail against the evil Rich, who greedily refuse to pay you their fair share. I seek only to provide you with the meager pittance you require, just to get by. If you allow the Vile Republican to win this election, he will strip you of these bare necessities, cast your grandmother off a cliff and shove your starving children into the streets!”

How do you respond to a statement like that, without sinking yourself into the web of lies it’s built on?

Democrats have convinced entire generations of people that you are only benevolent if want the Government to “help” in every circumstance of a person’s life. Thinking that someone might do for themselves, and achieve or fail based on their own drive, talent and ambition – which allows for the possibility of failure – is now proof that you just do NOT care. Patently false, but if you’ve been raised to believe Charity begins by taxing your rich neighbors, you’ll buy completely into it.

Unfortunately, the roots of this malignancy has been brewing in Academia for a number of decades, and the people who have been waiting so patiently for their day to arrive have reached their ascendancy.

It starts as an appeal to youth; reinforcing their inclination to break away from parental authority requires little effort. Children always seem to want the privileges of adulthood, without having to bare the burdens of the responsibilities which should come with it. Once you have established in a youth’s mind that they are a victim, it’s deplorably easy to let them come to their own conclusion that they are now somehow OWED just recompense.

As a small child, food & shelter and all the other necessities & luxuries were provided, free of charge. Children do not know or even care how those provisions were obtained. They only know that they were provided, almost on demand, by “older” people who granted or withheld their largess, seemingly at whim.

Early on, crying was the key to getting what they wanted. Later, fits and tantrums may have served. And, if the parents themselves were raised to believe “any discipline beyond begging, bribing, cajoling and a time-out is too much discipline” that child soon learned what worked best: Screaming Tearful Outbursts.

Self control, impulse control, respect for authority, civility or even a basic understanding of economic realities never entered into the picture.

Then this delightful crowd of self-centered jerks made it into College, where they were embraced by a faculty grown radical and self-indulgent itself, in the Sixties. Professors whose identities were inexorably linked to the Good Old Days of war protesting, rioting and bombing federal buildings. They looked on those spoiled rotten brats as the perfect foot-soldiers in their new army of Takers.

In their own younger days, and often in the intervening years as they sat around the Faculty Lounge drinking bad coffee, they would openly fantasize about the lessons they would teach our indolent, Imperialist America. When THEY might get in charge, none of this driving SUVs all over on affordable gas, keeping our thermostats at 72 degrees or eating our fill. No Way. THEY would put a stop to any of that ugly behavior, chop-chop.

America would learn what it’s like to be a Third World nation, scraping by on the handouts of other nations, like we’d forced so many other poor countries to do. The Equality of Shared Misery would be the rule of the day, and a glorious New Socialism would take the ill gotten gains of the Evil Rich, and redistribute it across the globe. Only then would Social Justice be served.

Those Sixties Radicals are now dancing down the Halls of Power, both in the Democrat Party and the Traditional Major Media.

It should come as no surprise that people who control most of today’s Infotainment are happy to maintain the narrative. They tell themselves that “Vice in the name of Virtue, is no vice at all.”

That mindset, working in conjunction with the assumption that the people who have more than you, must necessarily have stolen it from you, somehow – and therefore OWE you – has combined into the Perfect Storm of Obama’s reelection.

[Watch the Video] Obama voters say what his reelection means for Freedom.

Obama is painted as an all knowing, all caring Santa Claus, who is going to distribute free goodies to all of his loyal subjects. Any Republican who dares to question his Omnipotent Benevolence is therefore an Uber Grinch; worthy only of disdain, derision and destruction.

Showing these people facts and figures about the realities of Economies of Scale, Taxation, Supply & Demand and the looming fiscal cliff, is about as effective as telling a 5 year old that Santa can’t afford the Barbie Playhouse this year.

She may understand the words as they’re spoken, but they make no emotional connection to her, so she disregards them as so much hot air. Of COURSE Santa can afford to get her what she wishes for: He has Santa Magic, elves will build it and Mommy & Daddy don’t even have to pay for it. So why should she even listen? WHERE IS MY BARBIE PLAYHOUSE / OBAMA PHONE!!

Trying to tell her that nothing can be given, which was not first taken, is an exercise in futility.

That is what the Republican Party lost to.  And we have a long, difficult road ahead of us, before we can shake off the disastrous effects of whole generations raised to think like Cindy-Lu Who.

The Grinch is NOT Santa Claus, dear Cindy-Lu; he is a Democrat wearing Santa’s coat, here to rob you blind.

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