Tsunami Watch for Hawaii After an 8.1 Earthquake Hits New Zealand Coast

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A tsunami watch has been issued for Hawaii after an 8.1 earthquake hit off the coast of New Zealand. The watch was issued around 12:24 p.m. PT on March 4, 2021. Experts believe that if a tsunami does hit Hawaii it will be at either 4:35 p.m. or 6:35 p.m. PT.

A watch means that it may hit Hawaii. Experts are evaluated by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. People are being told to monitor their radio, TV, and official social media pages.

Officials issued a tsunami advisory for American Samoa. Those who reside or are near the ocean have been asked to move away from harbors and beaches. This warning includes all those who live on the water as well. Experts do not believe the waves will reach above three feet above tide level.

TsunamiAccording to the National Tsunami Warning Center, their information shows that “there is a threat to American Samoa of sea level fluctuations and strong ocean currents that could be a hazard along” coastal waters, beaches, and in harbors.

People living in sections of North Island, New Zealand have been issued a tsunami alert. Several sections of the island have been ordered to evacuate immediately. Officials believe the hardest-hit areas could see waves ranging from three to 10 feet tall.

Prior to the 8.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of New Zealand, there was a 7.4 magnitude one. This one happened around 9:41 a.m. PT. According to several reports, there was a total of three earthquakes in that area in a matter of six hours.

The epicenter of the 8.1 magnitude quake happened around 675 miles northeast of Auckland. This is located nearly 4,000 miles southwest of Honolulu, Hawaii, and roughly 6,000 miles from Los Angeles, California.

The tsunami could also be a threat to British Columbia, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon.

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