GTA V Online Multiplayer: How to Spend Your $500,000 Stimulus Package Money

GTA V Online multiplayer how to spend your 500k stimulus package money

Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer component has managed to generate a mix of hype and controversy, over recent weeks. The critical reception of the highly touted single-player experience was overwhelmingly positive, with the aggregate review website Metacritic rating the game at 97 out of 100, for both current generation console platforms.

The praise lavished upon Rockstar’s newest baby was somewhat marred by the introduction of GTA Online, which was conceived as a separate entity from the original single-player serving.

Launched Oct. 1, 2013, GTA V Online was plagued with a wide variety of technical ailments, ranging from loss of character progress to persistent connection difficulties. With over 15 million individuals joining the online contingent, few were surprised to witness the unfortunate teething problems that beleaguered the highly anticipated game. Rockstar Games, in a noble bid to appease the irked gaming community, issued a formal apology and promised to make amends by affording their loyal fans with a generous $500,000 Stimulus Package.

The company also recently updated their blockbuster smash hit with the new title update v1.05, addressing player progress issues for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The update also fixed loss of progress, vehicles and mods, during periods of cloud outage, and introduced measures to protect the cash balances of their community, in the event of common network problems.

Now, with the GTA$ Stimulus Package rolling out to GTA gamers, we thought we would take a look at some of the different ways of splashing the cash.

How to Spend Your $500,000 Stimulus Package

Buy A Fancy Apartment

The first stop for any gamer, serious about playing GTA V: Online multiplayer, is to procure that plush apartment. While $500,000 may seem like a lot of money, looking around at some of the high-end real estate can really put things into perspective.

The top-end apartment is found in Eclipse Towers, apartment 31, and will set you back a whopping $400,000. The official blurb for the apartment states that the owner of the luxury triplex “… was so rich he just left all his furniture.” The building lies on Eclipse Boulevard in Rockford Hills and comes with a 10-car garage. The end of the apartment description sums up living the high-life quite fittingly:

“Just bring yourself and be ready for lots of new superficial friends…”

However, don’t be too quick to flash the cash; although Eclipse Towers offers some fantastic features and is inescapably expensive, it does not necessarily equate to the finest.

Instead, you might want to opt for the much more economical $335,000 Weazel Plaza. The following YouTube video, uploaded by A OKAY Gaming, shows off the swanky, palatial rooms, with an office, kitchen-diner and a walk-in closet room, alongside some pretty amazing scenery to boot.

Ultimately, there is a vast array of apartments (around 60), with price tags varying wildly, depending upon which tier the player plumps for; low, mid and top tiers are all available. If you’re not too fussed about the panoramic scenery, granted from some of the higher tier apartments, you can quite easily nab some basic digs for around $100k; these aren’t exactly the most glamorous locations, but they typically come with a two-car garage.

Purchase a Great Car

The second port of call should involve scrimping and saving for a nice vehicle. In terms of super cars, there are several that could be classified as elite, including the Adder, Cheetah, Elite, Entity, Infernus,  Vacca and 9F Cabrio. A great many of these super cars are incredibly fast, with some handling and breaking better than others.

The Cheetah is an incredibly popular vehicle with fantastic top speed, acceleration and traction. From a personal standpoint, it also looks absolutely fantastic; it’s only downside is its braking ability.

Entity XF vehicle from GTA V
The Entity XF vehicle remains on the wish list of many a GTA V gamer.

The Entity, however, has phenomenal performance and offers great top speed, acceleration and traction. For a super car, the Entity’s braking is pretty solid, but not quite as good as some of the available alternatives. Its price point is enough to make any hardened GTA fanatic weep, however, weighing in at a staggering $795,000.

The Infernus, Vacca and 9F Cabrio are also interesting cars. They may not be what most GTA V Online gamers opt for, but they offer nice aesthetics and some pretty worthy stats. The Infernus has amazing top speed and acceleration, but with very little braking ability. The Vacca, on the other hand, from a stylistic point of view, is very nice and has some great all round vehicle stats, whereas the 9F Cabrio is a great choice for those on a more frugal budget.

Some people have a greater preference for the Adder, which has one of the best top speeds of any car within the game. The stats are very similar between the Entity and the Adder, but the Entity does seem to win out in terms of traction. Nonetheless, personal fondness for the way the car feels and looks plays a huge factor in most gamers’ decisions when making any purchase and, frankly, both cars are worthy of your attention.

If you really have stacks of cash, over and above what the Stimulus Package has provided, you can’t go wrong with the Adder, Cheetah and Entity vehicles. However, if you’re on a tight budget, the 9F Cabrio should also serve you well.

These vehicles can be purchased for the following prices in both single-player and multiplayer:

  • Adder: $1,000,000 from (spawns around Sessanta Nove at Portola Drive, Rockford Hills)
  • Cheetah: $650,000 from
  • Entity: $795,000 from (can also be acquired by failing “I Fought the Law…”)
  • 9F Cabrio: $130,000 from

Meanwhile, checkout this nice list of honorable mentions from JayEx23. My personal favorite from this list is the Voltic, in at number three, which handles remarkably well.

As an added tip, make sure that you install a tracking device in your brand new ride, and insure it against thefts, damage and loss. It would be a shame to sink all that money into a luxurious super car, only for some reprobate to come along and steal it all.

Customize Your Vehicle

Customizing your vehicle is a pretty simple affair, at any Los Santos Customs garage. Bear in mind, the more valuable your vehicle is, the higher the cost of repairs and upgrades.

Adding armor will improve the durability of your vehicle; however, it does not make the vehicle invulnerable, and the windows remain susceptible weak spots. For maximum Los Santos Customs from GTA Vaffect, ensure that the tires are also made bulletproof.

For incredibly high-end vehicles, the player should be aware that maxing out your car’s armor could ramp up to $30,000, but doubles the vehicle’s defense; therefore, this is certainly a worthy upgrade to have, to offer added protection during scrappy chases in the online world of Los Santos.

Alternative brakes to the stock supplies are also a must. Brake types include Stock, Street, Sport and Race. Race brakes are the most expensive, but provide you with that extra stopping power.

The next area to focus on is the Engine Monitoring System (EMS), allowing you to marginally boost the acceleration stat of your vehicle. The EMS upgrade rates from one to four, with four being the best and most costly. Adding Turbo Tuning, meanwhile, has a perceptible impact upon the car’s acceleration, and changing the transmission from Stock all the way through to Race also helps.

Obviously, styling your new ride to suit your own personal tastes is a matter of preference. Aesthetic upgrades can radically improve the appearance of your car, with changes available to both bumpers, exhaust, hood, horn, roof, spoiler, tire color, tire smoke and windows.

Once you have selected a premium vehicle and customized it to your heart’s content, creating a vanity plate is also an option. To do this, the first step involves registering your Xbox 360 or PS3 account with Rockstar’s Social Club. After this, download the iPhone or Android iFruit app, login to your Social Club account and go to the Los Santos customization options, where you can reserve your license plate.

Grab a Speed Boat

What wealthy entrepreneur would be complete without that obligatory speedboat. From Dock Tease, the Tropic is a very nice speed boat, visually similar to the boat owned by the forensic-cum-serial killer, Dexter Morgan.

Straight from Dock Tease’s website, the boat is described as a lightweight cruiser speedboat, offering durability and a simple, yet elegant, canopy design. The boat has ample room, capable of supporting up to four people, and is an absolute steal, at $22,000.

If you’re not particularly enamored with the idea of purchasing your own speedboat, the following video, uploaded by MrBossFTW, explains how to underhandedly pilfer one from the Vespucci Beach area. Go to the docks of this region, opposite the airport, and keep a wary eye on any boats that are setting sail; jump in the water and simply thieve the vessel from the unsuspecting residents of Los Santos.

Travel in Style With a Private Jet

GTA V Online multiplayer represents a sizable area to traverse. Not only this, the streets are dangerous and fraught with gun-touting players, baying for each others’ blood. Therefore, purchasing your very own jet can ameliorate some of these issues. Not only are you able to zip around the map in no time, but you are able to do so in relative safety.

Naturally, jets come at a premium, with prices starting from around $250,000 on the Internet. Jets are great fun to fly, but fast, reliable vehicles are undoubtedly where most of the player’s money should be spent.

If you’re in the mood for requisitioning a fighter jet, things can get a little tricky. First things first. Get a speedy vehicle and traverse to the area shown in the following YouTube video, just outside the Fort Zancudo military base. After soaring over the top of the base’s fenced perimeter, travel between the two fences that line the entire area, and lose your wanted level. This provides you with a little extra time, with which to locate your jet of choice.

Grab the jet and make your getaway, ensuring to remain very low against the ground. If you breach a certain height, whilst in mid-flight around the military base, you run the risk of being shot down by the missile system. Continue to fly around Los Santos, until that infamous wanted level is lost.

Stop Off at Ammu-Nation

There’s a dizzying array of weapons in GTA V, all ready to be put to good use against your many nemeses. With $500,000 from the latest Stimulus Package at your disposal, purchasing weapons is a relatively straightforward and painless experience.

Ammunnation gun club LSGC

In terms of top weapons to plump for, the AP Pistol is as good a starting point as any. The AP pistol is a fully automatic 9mm weapon, designed to take out armored infantry. Ultimately, this weapon offers brilliant range, clip size and accuracy with high damage and fire rates that are unsurpassed by other pistols.

In terms of submachine guns and assault rifles, the assault SMG and advanced rifles are king of these respective categories, whilst the combat MG remains the best light machine gun. The sawed-off shotgun, whilst not yielding the greatest rate of fire or accuracy, does pack a punch during close-quarter shootouts, inflicting 96 percent damage.

All members of the “heavy weaponry” family are a must-try, including the grenade launcher, RPG and minigun. The heavy machine gun is a beast of a weapon, firing out the lead at unparalleled speeds.

Finally, many players often neglect the throwable weapons.  The sticky bomb may have a slightly reduced throw range, but nothing beats them in terms of the tactical advantages they proffer. Set up car bombs and traps along narrow streets and nearby building entrances to take down particular targets from afar, without the danger of a face-to-face confrontation.

Bank It, Before You Lose It

OK, so it’s not the most glamorous of things to do with the proceeds from your Stimulus Package, but it is the most sensible. Running around Los Santos with oodles of cash stuffed in your pockets will make you a prime target to gun down or mow over.

Banking the cash can serve two potential objectives; preventing others from robbing you, and dancing off into the sunset, whilst helping to regulate how you mete out your money. Saving up your cash reserves for that über-expensive sports car could, ultimately, be the wisest course of action.

In addition, it’s certainly likely that Rockstar Games will continue to ply the online and single-player components of GTA V with future updates; you never know, as mundane as it sounds, saving some of this money could come in handy for future purchases.

Avoid Paying For Strippers (It’ll Never End Well)

So, this is really a tip on how to avoid making a public spectacle out of yourself. Spending vast sums of money watching a bunch of virtual, half-naked strippers, seductively gyrate up and down your character’s lap, probably isn’t the healthiest of pastimes.

However, matters are taken to the next level if you do this whilst playing GTA V Online multiplayer, where everybody in the public server can hear every profane comment that trips from your filthy mouth.

The following YouTube clip shows a rather careless chap flirting with a stripper, whilst enjoying a lap dance. The uploader – who, no doubt, just wanted to play a harmless game of GTA V Online – can’t help but snigger at the incessant groaning and oddball remarks of deprecation the fellow player hurls towards the make-believe stripper.

Place Bounties on Fellow GTA V Gamers

This is certainly not a feature that everybody should employ with reckless abandon. However, GTA V’s online multiplayer world can be a cruel place and enemies are bound to be made. If you’ve encountered a troublemaker that continues to plague your online experience, you might want to consider placing a bounty over his or her head.

However, some have suggested going on a bounty frenzy. It’s best not to waste too much money on bounty hunting for one primary, logical reason. Players run the risk of ostracizing themselves, and quickly becoming the target of retribution-inspired bounties. But, hey, it’s certainly a sure-fire way of making the game a lot more intriguing.

That just about wraps up our GTA V online multiplayer guide on how to spend the $500,000 from your Stimulus Package. In the meantime, check out some of our other GTA V articles on cheats, easter eggs and multiplayer info, below.

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