Nelson Mandela – Scandal and Controversy Shroud his Death

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela spent a lifetime of sacrifice building a legacy, making it all the more unfortunate that scandal and controversy shroud the circumstances of his death. As families around the world gathered around their television sets Thursday to watch the CNN directed production covering the “death” and legacy of one of recent history’s most recognized political figures, no mention was made regarding the uncontested reports, made by Las Vegas Guardian Express reporters, that Mandela had actually died many months prior and had been kept “alive” for a potential number of questionable reasons.

It was less than six months ago, on June 25, that initial reports began to circulate throughout the global media that the renaissance man had died. The evidence confirming the conclusion that Mandela had actually died, and that a possible cover-up was in progress, was published in an article by Guardian Express reporter Graham Noble as far back as early July. Initially, reports of the Mandela death had been picked up and run by numerous international media outlets, but follow-ups and additional information regarding the details of his health leading up to his reported death, became more and more scarce until the Las Vegas Guardian Express, standing alone, reported that the great man was in fact dead. Since the event, numerous updates have been made by reporter Graham Noble in a trilogy (part 1, part 2, part 3 – the best and most recent selections) highlighting revelations about Nelson Mandela along with the scandal and controversy of coverup that shrouds his death.

In addition to the reports by Mr. Noble, Las Vegas Guardian Express South African Associate Laura Oneale, who is an eyewitness of the political tensions that have been at play within South Africa recently, also published a story shortly after the initially reported death of Mandela. She sheds important insight and information connected to the events of late June. Oneale’s report was in addition to articles by Mr. Noble’s articles, which to reiterate, detailed facts and potential motivations behind what appears to be an ongoing scandal and controversy of coverup, obfuscation, and confusion surrounding the death of the great man.

The belief that Mandela had died, indeed died in late June, was so great that countless youtube video’s can be found showing major media outlets and their coverage, from late June and July, of Mandela’s death and legacy. The media pivot that followed was all the more surprising considering the copious amount of press releases still found encapsulated and saved in youtube video’s. The video’s also express the confusion of viewers in comments which show surprise that the death was shown as happening months prior to this latest “official” announcement.

Confirmation of potential motives for the ongoing scandal have been  investigated by Las Vegas Guardian Express associates has been released in subsequent articles on their website. Areas of high suspicion include political interests of both the Mandela family and the ANC, along with financial interests of Mandela family members and institutions positioned to profit from the attention expected to surround Mandela’s death. Additional information expounding on these potential motives is included within many articles published by Las Vegas Guardian Express reporters Graham Noble, Laura Oneale, Michael Smith and others.

Nelson Mandela
Michael Smith, Guardian Express reporter, was sent to South Africa to corroborate initial evidence.

There was considerable worldwide coverage as far back as late June concerning the death of Mandela. It became quickly clear however, that for reasons Las Vegas Guardian Express continues to investigate, the death of the great man was retracted and the official story quickly shifted to his being in critical but stable condition.

In light of the global media pivot from death to critical condition, Las Vegas Guardian Express sent reporter Michael Smith to South Africa to corroborate evidence which had led to reports of Mandela’s death. As the majority of the international media outlets swapped their interest in the death for the new headline of Mandela being in critical condition, reporter Michael Smith was able to corroborate initial evidence which then left the burgeoning media outlet confident enough that Editor in Chief DiMarkco Chandler refused to retract the paper’s published articles. Although Las Vegas Guardian Express has experience multiple aggressive and illegal cyber attacks as a result of its decision to stick with the stories, the paper remains committed to following through on any pertinent information as it becomes available.

Since the investigative trip made by reporter Michael Smith, many pieces of information have come together to begin to paint a clear picture of the scope of the entire affair. Additional efforts are underway in an effort to continue piecing together exactly what has been taking place behind the scenes since the late June announcements of Mandela’s death.

As the story Nelson Mandela’s death continues to unfold, the saga of the scandal and controversy, which shrouds his death, will continue in parts aimed at clarifying all of the issues connected with the event. Much of the essential information is contained in a key article by reporter Graham Noble in his recent article detailing the significance of the scandal.

As the world remembers Nelson Mandela, and his legacy, the controversy, which shrouds his death, raises questions about the reporting of high profile deaths as well. Considering that one of the many potential motives for the apparent coverup seems to be the media contracts negotiated by Mandela family members, regarding the reporting of the event, the question arises about whether it is standard practice to bid for media rights of upcoming deaths of famous individuals. Even though these controversies exist and are being investigated, one thing about Nelson Mandela is certain, the man had an indisputable impact on the entire world; and although scandal and controversy shroud his death, many around the globe are celebrating and remembering his life.

By Daniel Worku

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6 Responses to "Nelson Mandela – Scandal and Controversy Shroud his Death"

  1. Sensible South Arican   January 3, 2014 at 4:18 am

    just a couple of things that don’t fit:
    * There would have been far too many people involved in this to prevent it getting out and being splashed on the world’s media. People here would do a lot more for a lot less than spilling a secret like this.
    * A plot like this is far too elaborate for our government to master – they get caught out regularly for the simplest things.
    * Our media takes every opportunity to have a go at government for every little thing they try to cover up (look up Nkandla), so there is no doubt they would have shot holes straight through a cover-up of this nature.
    * You fail to quote any sources besides your journalists, who cannot provide first-hand account, thus your articles only qulaify as hearsay.

  2. Daniel Worku   December 12, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    You’re comments are very much appreciated. Today, newsworthy events like this are happening so often that it is difficult to keep getting them out to the public. Cases like this must come to the attention of the public. Thank you for your responses, and when you come across important news, be it authored by myself, another Guardian Express writer, or even another publication, please remember that your efforts to share and promote important news to your social circles is an ESSENTIAL component to educating the public. We, as journalists, simply cannot individually get the news and simultaneously promote it as much as it deserves.

    Thanks again for your comments, please browse other articles by myself and other Guardian Express writers, and share the most important issues you can with your social circles. Your help in disseminating news is PRICELESS!



  3. aliasooze   December 12, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    I’m happy that some have the courage to print truth. It’s a fools paradise for anyone that likes that sort of thing. I’ll be looking for the real news here from now on. TY

  4. Joppie Nieman   December 10, 2013 at 2:56 am

    A week before the “official” announcement of Mandela’s death this South African group “ALARM ALARM” already announced it. They also gave the explanation of why in November the SA government cancelled all military leave, and also cancelled the SA Air Force major air show that would have taken place a day after the announcement. It is clear from this report that the SA Government already in November knew when they were going let Mr Mandela “die”. Very interesting reading on Facebook at:

  5. Adriaan Arends   December 7, 2013 at 2:16 am

    Some of the reasons are. Zuma is under fire about his Nkandla home. Mandela’s “death ” will distract the people from this subject, Zuma got 738 charges of fraud against him, he wants to remain in power as long as possible. that is why he surrounded himself with Zulu ministers in his cabinet.
    He and Malema got one thing in common and that is to get rid of the White population. He so called fire Malema from the Youth league, not to be blamed for the genocide to take place. Zuma is a sly snake and a very good liar. He even got rid from the Secretary General of cosatu, by setting him up with a junior member of the union. Because Vavi didn’t necessarily agreed with Zuma and he is not a Zulu like Zuma, from there this drama. It prove to us as South Africans that not even the different ethnical groups in South Africa can stand together. Due to that this awesome country is on the verge of a genocide

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